Quality management system certification

We've certified with ISO9001:2015, and obtained the certificate issued by the British NQA certification company.

Product Quality Assurance

In order to ensure the quality of our products and provide satisfactory services to our customers,we've established Ample Quality Control Laboratory on December 24th, 2019.All the products we supply will be strictly tested by our QC Lab.

Ample Quality Control Laboratory

Ample QC Laboratory was established in 2019 with 10+ high-end professional test and inspection equipment. It can be used for professional testing of physical and electrical parameters of various electronic components. The laboratory was designed and built by Foxconn Testing & Innovation Center, and certified with ISO9001:2015. The establishment of the QC Lab has greatly enhance Ample’s quality control and ensure the safety and reliability of supply chain service. We provide high quality assurance for our end manufacturing customers, and at same time share the services of these high-end testing equipments to our peer electronics supply chain services providers. With the strategic cooperation with Foxconn Testing & Innovation Center, collectively we can provid comprehensive and professional services, including electronic components failure analysis, domestic replacement and expert consulting services.

International Standards Of QC Procedure

Strictly According to ISO9001:2015 System, ensure the professional reliability of our service and quality.

  • 1st Level Inspection: Basic Inspection

    Package Inspection

    Incoming Document Verification

    Requirement Verification

    Digital Photography

    Recording and Receiving

    Prepared for 2nd level inspection

  • 2nd Level Inspection: Quality Inspection

    Parts Label Verification

    Visual Inspection

    Digital photography via X-ray

    Dimension Checking

    Perform high-temperature aging testing

    Surface & Scrape Test

    Use QC qualified label to identify

    (prepare for 3rd level Inspection)

  • 3rd level Inspection: Foxconn Testing Center




    Chemical Element Composition Analysis


    Open The Parts Seal